Top 10 Third-Party AI Tools Built Using ChatGPT


About three months have passed since the release of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence conversational tool that can hold natural conversations with the user and provide information on virtually any topic. Since its inception, it has been the subject of much discussion, both positive and negative, as people find new and creative ways to employ the tool.

How People Have Been Utilizing ChatGPT?

People have been coming up with creative uses for the tool and blogging about their experiences ever since it was released. They have been using this incredible tool in various facets of their daily lives, from writing descriptive essays on a wide range of themes to asking questions about mathematics, programming, and life.

Content Creation And Brainstorming Ideas

Everything from articles on quantum mechanics to culinary arts has been written using ChatGPT because of its ability to facilitate detailed, original, and imaginative descriptions. The tool can be used by content providers to generate fresh ideas for their work and research previously explored concepts. Poems, song lyrics, and even novels of a variety of genres have been written using the app after users gave it only a single text prompt. In addition, it may be used as a creative tool for coming up with concepts for anything from a business plan to a research paper to a blog post.

Interview Preparation

Furthermore, the tool has seen widespread use in helping people get ready for job interviews of all types. It provides useful interview tactics and even generates several interview scenarios to help users get ready for potential inquiries and well-thought-out responses. People are even utilizing ChatGPT to draft cover letters and CVs tailored to a certain employer because of ChatGPT’s extensive understanding of all industries and companies, which users can then personalize with their own information. ChatGPT can even tailor the cover letter to the candidate’s unique set of qualifications and work history given in the resume.

Besides the aforementioned purposes, ChatGPT has also been used to learn a new language or translate a text into your own native language. It can answer your questions on programming in any computer language, write your codes, help you debug your code, and even help you build an entire software or website.

Third-Party AI Tools Developed Using ChatGPT

In order to improve upon ChatGPT’s already considerable features and breadth of utility, developers have been busy creating third-party websites, tools, and browser extensions. You can get the most out of the tool with the help of these tools, which will allow you to engage with it more effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the top ChatGPT-based applications currently available.


Together with ChatGPT, Replai.so is another helpful utility that’s been getting a lot of attention recently. You may increase your Twitter and LinkedIn following by ten times by using this tool to make meaningful, creative, hilarious, and professional replies and tweets. It’s also compatible with both Gmail and ProductHunt, so you can whip up an email and get your stuff out the door in no time.

Microsoft Teams Premium And 365 Copilot

ChatGPT’s foundational model architecture, GPT-3.5, has reaped dividends for Microsoft as well. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s business communication platform, and it has recently been upgraded with novel and intelligent features such as automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to ensure that you don’t miss out on the most crucial information even if you have to miss a meeting. Since the epidemic, most meetings have been held online using platforms like Teams, and these functions will help professionals better organize their work, meeting updates, and overall objectives. To further facilitate communication between people of diverse cultural backgrounds, they have also implemented real-time translations (for captions) into more than 40 spoken languages.
Microsoft has also recently launched another AI productivity tool, Microsoft 365 Copilot that integrates with other 365 apps. It collaborates with you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 programs you use every day – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more — to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and advance skills. Read more about the copilot here.


Built on top of ChatGPT, ChatBA is a generative AI tool for making PowerPoint slides from user input. ChatGPT is paired with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, an AI tool for text-to-image synthesis, to enhance presentations with visually arresting graphics. The program will automatically construct a presentation that meets your specifications once you submit a text prompt explaining the presentation you wish to create. After you’ve customized the slideshow to your liking, you may save it in a variety of file formats and share it with others.

ChatGPT For Search Engines

With this add-on installed, you may view ChatGPT responses alongside results from your preferred search engine. It’s compatible with a wide range of search engines, like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. The benefits of both your preferred search engine and ChatGPT can now be enjoyed together within the same window. In addition, there are more than seventy premium prompts available for use. From a blog outline to a poem you love, the prompts cover a wide range of topics and formats. The best ChatGPT questions in many different categories can be found here, including those pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, art, and programming. OpenAI API Configs is a cutting-edge addition to this add-on. In contrast to the Web’s API, which can be unreliable at times, OpenAI’s official API is both reliable and fee-based.


FlowGPT is a web-based application that facilitates communication using ChatGPT through the use of on-screen suggestions. Every new advancement in AI and language processing is reflected in the tool through regular updates. It aids users in locating applicable prompts for targeted use cases and tasks, allowing them to make better use of the robust ChatGPT without wasting time pondering which prompt they should submit to attain the desired result.

YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

Can’t seem to locate the one video you need after spending hours searching YouTube? If so, then you’ve found the right tool! YouTube Summarized with ChatGPT is a browser add-on that uses ChatGPT to generate a summarized version of any YouTube video. You can now quickly and easily select the most relevant video by reading a synopsis of the large collection of videos.


Another useful tool developed using ChatGPT is docGPT, a handy add-on for Google Documents and Microsoft Word that allows users to ask questions, communicate, and get descriptions from ChatGPT without leaving the document they are working on. As a result, you’ll see a dramatic boost in productivity.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

This ChatGPT-based Chrome add-on helps you embed ChatGPT into any text box in your browser. Whether you need to compose a tweet, edit an email, solve a code error, or carry out any other task, you can do it without ever having to leave the site you’re now on. It’s as simple as installing an add-on in Google Chrome. The ‘Ask ChatGPT’ option is available via a right-click on any Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook text field. ChatGPT then inserts a response to your question into the box. You can further tailor the extension’s features and responses to your needs by adding user-defined plugins that adhere to your set of rules.

ChatGPT Telegram Bot And WhatsApp Bot

Developers have also come up with innovative ways to put ChatGPT to use, such as making a bot for telegram and WhatsApp so that users can communicate with the chatbot there instead of on the website where it was originally hosted. The app’s portability means that queries can be submitted from any location at any time. The Telegram bot also integrates the Stable Diffusion API, which may be used to generate images. Furthermore, it enables ChatGPT to utilize Google to improve the quality and freshness of its cues.


With this add-on, ChatGPT may now incorporate web-based results into its arsenal. By installing the plug-in, the ChatGPT interface will feature a new toggle button that allows you to choose whether or not to display web results. If the switch is activated, ChatGPT is given both your original inquiry and the results of an online search for related context and citations. As a consequence, you receive answers that are both current and pertinent to your text query.

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